Characteristics and application range of fluorine-free big gold waterproofing agent

First, the product introduction
Fluoride-free waterproofing agent is a durable, environmentally-friendly and highly concentrated water-repellent agent for hydrocarbon polymer structure. It is suitable for water-repellent and water-repellent finishing of cotton, polyester, nylon, etc., cellulose fiber and synthetic fiber blended fabric.
Second, product features
1. Outstanding durable water repellency
2, the opponent has no bad influence
3. Good compatibility with most additives
4, does not contain organic halides, no fluorocarbons
4, does not contain apeo, does not contain pfoa
Third, the scope of application of fluorine-free waterproofing agent
It is suitable for waterproof processing of natural fiber (wool, silk, cotton), polyester-cotton blend, nylon-cotton blend, synthetic fiber (polyester, nylon) and other fabrics. Fluoride-free water repellent main component hydrocarbon
Fourth, the performance and characteristics of fluorine-free waterproofing agent
1. No fluorine-containing elements, can meet the most stringent environmental requirements.
2. It has good waterproof performance for all fiber fabrics.
3. The finished fabric feels good.
4. Give the fabric high rubbing fastness.
5. No fire, it is a non-dangerous category, and it is safer to use.
6. No APEO environmental hormone substances.
5. Physical and chemical properties of fluorine-free waterproofing agent:
Appearance: Milky white lotion
Ionicity: weak cation
Compatibility: Compatible with most auxiliaries, it is recommended to test before initial use. Incompatible with strong anionic additives.
Release: easy to dissolve in water
Storage stability: stable storage in a closed container for at least 6 months in an environment of 5 ° C ~ 35 ° C.
The frozen environment is prone to deterioration of the product.