Classification of Waterproofing Agents Ingredient Ingredients

Water repellents are made with a variety of ingredients and ingredients, but if you don't really understand these things, it's not clear what ingredients there are, so let's introduce them below.
A, the classification of waterproofing agents
Liquid waterproofing agent: commercially available inorganic aluminum salt waterproofing agent, silicone waterproofing agent, ferric chloride waterproofing agent, M1500 cement sealing waterproofing agent, fatty acid waterproofing agent, five alum waterproofing agent, etc. are liquid waterproofing agent
Powder waterproofing agent: penetration crystallization waterproofing agent, waterproof moisture-proof powder, intumescent waterproofing agent, etc.
Second, a variety of liquid waterproofing agent ingredients and ingredients
1, inorganic aluminum salt waterproofing agent, which is composed of calcium, metal aluminum salt, iron salt, hydrochloric acid, water and other reactions of liquid waterproofing materials. It is suitable for waterproofing and plugging of construction projects. It has the advantages of low cost, non-toxic, non-pollution, good stability, long service life and easy construction. Is a promising new waterproofing agent at home and abroad, but also the development of roof farming, beautifying the urban environment of important waterproofing materials.
2, organosilicon waterproofing agent, is a kind of silane chain can be sprayed and mixed with mortar products, the product is generally used for exterior wall penetration of spray protection, can also be diluted with water for painting walls with. The material is the use of a methyl silane and non-ionic emulsifier, heating reaction, the entire production process without waste water and emissions.
3, ferric chloride water repellent, the water repellent is mainly made of iron dioxide, hydrochloric acid and other materials produced by cold mixing static, etc., the finished product appears purple-red, reaction after the product has a little smell, because of environmental reasons This product is not recommended for production or use
4, M1500 cement sealing waterproofing agent, is made of silicate as the main raw material, plus active catalyst, penetrating agent, complexing agent and other additives through the cold mixing method, and then left to filter for 24 hours. This material belongs to the inorganic class of materials, will fill the capillaries of cement, blocking the channel of water leakage. It is a green type of material.
5, fatty acid type waterproofing agent, the waterproofing agent is from fatty acid heating activation, fatty acid type materials and cement inside the calcium silicate, magnesium dioxide reaction to produce fatty acid calcium, fatty acid magnesium, etc., the generation of fatty acid calcium and fatty acid magnesium will block the cement concrete capillary pores, so as to achieve the purpose of waterproofing.