Features and applications of fluorine-free water repellents

I. Product introduction
Fluorine-free water repellent is a durable, environmentally friendly, highly concentrated water repellent with a hydrocarbon polymer structure, suitable for water repellent and splash-proof finishing of cotton, polyester, nylon and other cellulosic fibres and their blends with synthetic fibres.
Product characteristics
1, outstanding durable water repellent
2、No adverse effect on handfeel
3、Good compatibility with most auxiliaries
4、No organic halides, no fluorocarbons
4、Does not contain apeo, does not contain pfoa
Three, no fluorine water repellent scope of application
Applicable to natural fibres (wool, silk, cotton), polyester-cotton blends, nylon blends, synthetic fibres (polyester, nylon) and other fabrics for waterproofing processing. Non-fluorine water repellent main components hydrocarbons
Four, fluorine-free waterproofing agent performance and characteristics
1. Does not contain fluorine elements, can meet the most stringent environmental requirements.
2. Good waterproofing performance for all fibre fabrics.
3. Good hand feel of the fabric after finishing.
4. High rubbing fastness.
5. No ignition point, non-hazardous, safer to use.
6. No APEO type environmental hormone substances.
V. Non-fluorinated water repellent physical and chemical properties.
Appearance: milky white emulsion
Ionicity: weak cation
Compatibility: compatible with most additives, it is recommended to do a good test before the first use. Incompatible with strong anionic additives.
Dilution: easily soluble in water
Storage stability: stable for at least 6 months in a closed container at 5°C to 35°C.
Freezing environment may lead to product deterioration.
Six, non-fluorine water repellent use method
Dosage 40-80g / L, a dip a roll drying and shaping.
Specific process please adjust the user through the sample discretion.