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HT&K Chemical – An international manufacturer of textile auxiliaries HT&K is focused on auxiliaries for the textile industry. 
HT&K covers in this field the whole supply chain, integrating R&D, Pilot Plant scale-up, large volume production, customer service, marketing and sales. HT&K is      rated by the government as "high-tech enterprise". It has existing sales offices in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other Chinese regions and Pakistan,                  Bangladesh,Vietnam and other main textile countries. 
In addition to the existing production site in Zhongtang new state-of-the-art production facilities with semi-automated processes were set up during the recent years in Qingyuan Provincial Industrial Park, providing an total output of annually 20,000 tons. HT&K has a professional technical center, equipped with advanced                   instrumentation. There is constant technical exchange and cooperation with several public institutions, e.g. universities and institutes. 
The existing R&D team is advised by German experts, which is the base for up-to-date chemistry. HT&K has applied and was granted for multiple domestic and         international patents for waterproofing agents and other topics. The sales team consists of elites from China, Hong Kong, Pakistan and other countries and their         industry experts provide more than 30 years experience in dyeing plants. HT&K has implemented a complete service strategy, which helps you to succeed.

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